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Affiliate Marketing: Attract & Grow

Affiliate Marketing: Attract & Grow


Affiliate marketing has long become a profitable online business, sitting alongside traditional entrepreneurship. 21st century technology allows us to quickly increase traffic to our resource and generate additional revenue by redirecting our traffic to another site.

Using the example of bookmaker 1xBet, this article explains how you can join up with a number of partners, and significantly increase your income.

How does an Affiliate Program work?

Affiliate Marketing is basically sales with the help of partners. These may be owners of websites or popular pages on social networks, internet marketers, bloggers, media buyers and many other active internet users. Once agreement to participate is reached, this partner’s media resources become product promotion platforms on a revenue sharing basis.

Do you feel like you have the potential and network to become a member of the global bookmaker 1xBet’s proven Affiliate Program? Then simply apply, providing details about yourself and your resources. Once your application is confirmed and your account created, you are free to promote 1xBet content on your media resources.

What is meant by Content?

The two main elements are Affiliate Links and Advertising Materials. Affiliate Links are unique links that track each partner’s activity and confirm who brought the client to the 1xBet platform. Advertising Banners & Materials are the various collateral that can be placed on your resources to promote 1xBet, attract visitors and direct them to the bookmaker’s platform.

Types of Advertising Traffic

Once you become involved in what is known as Traffic Arbitrage, it is important to understand the key types of traffic:

  • Targeted Advertising uses settings and algorithms to search for the target audience in accordance with specified parameters. Targeted advertising allows you to determine who sees your content.
  • Contextual Advertising comes from search engines to identify prospects using specific keywords to search for information. Contextual advertising allows you to attract customers interested in your offer.
  • Push Notifications are messages sent to users’ devices through a browser or mobile application. They can be used to drive traffic to your site.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of processes that allow you to improve your website ranking in search engines. This helps to attract a larger audience, increase sales and make the company more recognisable. Strong content optimization allows you to attract visitors from search engines at no cost.
  • Newsletters distributed by email and SMS can effectively drive traffic if targeted to the right audience.
  • Blogs Posts can drive traffic from search engines and social media.
  • Teasers are small clickable ads that can also generate interest.

Traffic Monetization

Once you have driven traffic to your site through ‘arbitrage’, the next obvious step is to monetize it:

  • Advertising Sales. If your site attracts a large enough audience, you will be able to sell advertising space to other gaming and betting related companies.
  • Own Rates & Services. Use your own creativity and expertise to generate your own content, providing your visitors with predictions and analytics, or organizing bets.

1xPartners Affiliate Program

1xBet invites everyone to take advantage of the favourable conditions offered by the 1xPartners Program, which provides solid and stable income to its partners.

This Affiliate Program is continually improved, adapting to changing market conditions with new marketing materials and exciting content.

To attract players more easily to the 1xBet platform, advertise the regular promotions and bonuses the bookmaker offers. Partners will always have access to a huge library of promotional materials from which you can choose. 1xBet will also provide you with a Personal Manager to advise you on traffic optimization, advertising strategy and other important nuances. The more players you refer to 1xBet, the more commission you will earn.

Favourable Commission & RevShare System

Affiliate Programs offer partners a variety of reward models. The most profitable of these is RevShare, with the partner receives a percentage of the player’s spending on the bookmaker’s platform. Other options include a percentage of the deposit, bets or turnover. A 1xBet partner receives up to 40% for referred players.

The 1xBet Affiliate Program provides both a stable income and confidence in the future. By joining up with 1xBet, you will be guaranteed to have chosen a reliable company, a betting industry leader for 16 years. 1xBet also offers each partner individual conditions, which can be discussed with your Personal Manager.

The Trusted Partner

Are you ready to start making money with Affiliate marketing? Join the 1xBet Affiliate Program today and start earning up to 40% commission on all referred players!

1xBet is an official trusted partner of FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, LOSC Lille, La Liga, Serie A and other elite sports brands and organisations, and also a frequent nominee and winner of numerous gaming industry awards.

To find out more and sign up, please use the referral link HERE.