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Affilka by SOFTSWISS launches Reports API

Affilka by SOFTSWISS launches Reports API


Affilka by SOFTSWISS offers a convenient way of day-to-day interaction with partners and clients with the launch of Reports API. This new tool supplies real-time statistics related to brands, marketing campaigns, player activity and other important data via easy-to-use API calls.

Reports API helps get the latest information off site at any time, making the reporting process easier, quicker and more transparent. Thereby, Affilka partners and operators get a complete picture of their campaign results and can make timely adjustments if necessary. All operators and partners working with Affilka by SOFTSWISS now have access to the Reports API documentation in their accounts. 

“We are constantly looking for tools to improve our service, running the Reports API feature is one of those. As a result, all the reports are available not only within the affiliate and operator interface or in CSV, JSON and XML formats but via API calls as well. It allows us to share all data instantly, which is vital for ensuring efficient collaboration between all parties,” commented Anastasia Borovaya, Product Owner at Affilka. 

In addition to Reports API, the Affilka team has released Frontend API documentation, now available on the operator’s interface. It would be helpful for those operators that aim to build the Affiliate program interface from scratch. The Frontend API allows brand partners to build their custom affiliate program landing pages as well as personalise affiliate registration and authentication forms. Affilka operators can go even further and create a bespoke graphic design for the entire affiliate program app, both for operator and affiliate interfaces.