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Australia urged to ban online gambling ads

Australia urged to ban online gambling ads


An Australian parliamentary committee of inquiry has recommended the country should phase out advertising for online gambling within three years.

Their report, entitled You Win Some, You Lose More, suggests that the government limits what it calls the ‘havoc’ in what is one of the world’s biggest betting markets, which it said was changing the culture of sport.

Chair of the committee, Peta Murphy, says that Australians outspend the citizens of every other country on online gambling, and that online gambling companies advertise deliberately and strategically alongside sport. A generation of young Australians views gambling and sport as inextricably linked, she says.

A phased, comprehensive ban on all gambling advertising on all media, broadcast and online, that leaves no room for circumvention, is needed, the committee concludes.

Australia is the world’s biggest gambling nation in terms of losses per head, and its industry has been getting its house in order in recent years, following years of criticism.

Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, says the government will consider the recommendations, but clearly believes that the issues are wider than just gambling, telling ABC Gold Coast Radio that “We need to deal with online issues, we need to deal with social media issues, we need to deal with it comprehensively across the board.”