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Beter opens new arena locations for Setka Cup table tennis

Beter opens new arena locations for Setka Cup table tennis


Following the tragic and disruptive events in Ukraine, sports betting provider, Beter, has opened new locations for its table tennis tournament the Setka Cup. The new events will take place in Slovakia, Moldova and the Czech Republic.

Beter is one of many businesses that has had its operations disrupted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Chief Executive Gal Ehrlich (see interview in The Weekender – Issue No.8) saying that two months before the conflict began, the company had prepared in advance for what was then seen as a worst-case scenario.

Beter say that moving the events from their usual base in Ukraine is “part of Beter’s response to ensure the stability of its events and services to the industry”.

The first of these venues is in Nitra, in Slovakia, where more than 50 players will take part in more than 450 events per month. A further two arenas have been added at a new location in Moldova, adding 1,800 more events per month to the Setka Cup schedule, with two further Czech Republic locations hosting over 1,600 matches per month.