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CreedRoomz introduces Richie Roulette

CreedRoomz introduces Richie Roulette


Adding new excitement to the iGaming sector, CreedRoomz by BetConstruct is presenting a new twist on standard roulette with the launch of its new Richie Roulette game.

The rules of the game are quite simple; the player wins if the ball covers the number on which the bet was made. In order to attract as many players as possible, the game allows a straight-up bettor to multiply the win by 15x-1700x by buying up to 10 chances from 49 gold bricks called Stars. These appear after the main betting time. To further spice up player engagement, the game offers one free Stars chance.

The Richie Roulette show game features a variety of betting options, attractive gameplay and a user-friendly interface that will be convenient for both beginners and experienced players.

The addition of Richie Roulette to CreedRoomz’s diverse gaming portfolio is aimed at contributing to the profitability of those who operate Live Casino businesses. The game provides significant opportunities for revenue growth and long-term success.