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DR Gaming Technology: All this and more

DR Gaming Technology: All this and more


DR Gaming Technology’s Jurgen De Munck (CEO), Duncan Pollock (MD, Africa), Andreas Duller (MD, Austria) and Christophe Van Quathem (MD, DRGT Online) provide an insight into what we can expect gto experience at ICE London 2024.

Duncan: For us, ICE is primarily focused on our European and African partners. That said, as the world gets ‘smaller’, the needs across many jurisdictions become more aligned. As such, the competition intensifies.

Andreas: This is a good thing for everyone. It ensures we remain focussed on delivering relevant and cost-effective solutions that meet, and ideally also drive, player and operator wants and needs.

drReportsBI Software

Andreas: At G2E we launched our new-look web-based drReportsBI software, developed out of our offices in Graz, Austria. We have since added additional features and tweaked the UI, in an effort to offer an even better experience for operators. These changes will be on show at ExCel.

Christophe: Key discussion points have already been its 100% responsiveness, the fact that it is accessible from any mobile device and that there is really no need for any sort of technical assistance or know-how to install or operate it. It is super intuitive, has some really easy search features and looks really good.

The drApp

Jurgen: Cashless is ‘our thing’ and our App is a piece of tech I am extremely proud of. If you ask our Dev Team, they’ll tell you a little too proud and, as a result, too involved! Its Android and iOS functionality continues to grow, and due to a form of modular design, features can be activated or de-activated depending on jurisdictional legislation.

In addition to enabling players to ‘connect’ their drApp to their EGM via an ever-changing QR code to affect fund transfers, check special offers and personalised jackpots they qualify for etc. and do away with the need for a physical player card, the App also allows players to top-up and cash-out their casino wallet directly from and to their bank card. a feature our South African customers will really appreciate.

Opportunities in Africa

Duncan: Last year, the Gauteng Gambling Board issued a Request for Application (RFA) for an additional nine Bingo licenses, and we expect the results of their adjudication process and subsequent allocation of those licenses imminently.

Similarly, the Botswana Gambling Authority issued an RFA for betting licenses in June last year. This was followed by a request for potential service providers of a central electronic monitoring system in respect of LPM, Tote and betting licenses, with their LPM timeline noting the awarding of licenses to successful candidates in early March this year.

Player Kiosk in Europe

Andreas: We probably offer the world’s largest selection of jackpot configuration options on the planet, operating across numerous casinos the world over, either as local or wide-area progressives. The bulk of our success and the driver of the extensive options we offer operators is due to these being  system driven. This enables casino operators to interrogate the game play data generated by our system, use it to define or select any number of parameters and then literally develop (and design with the help of our drMedia Manager) their own jackpots on any machine that runs SAS.

Christophe: Off the back of this tech, we developed Reel Bonus Games. Once installed, players are automatically eligible for them as they play their favourite primary game. Our drScreenUltra player interface then shows their progress towards qualifying for the Reel Bonus Game.

The Reel Bonus Game itself can be configured at the discretion of the operator who can set odds, manage the pay table, select cash, loyalty points, raffle tickets as credits as prizes, configure or present different games to different tiers and, finally, just like our jackpots: use drMediaManager to design whatever theme they desire. We launched these in Ireland, and then Belgium in December, all really well received by players.

Andreas: And so we get to the kiosk, where a player can use the drApp or their player card to redeem their Reel Bonus Game winnings, or any others, or their loyalty points for cash, raffle tickets, restaurant or bar vouchers, or any other prizes or reward options an operator may see fit.

Jurgen:  Absolutely, and all this and more, plus a surprise or two, can be seen at our new 2024 location in ExCel’s South Hall.

Stand S6-350