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1xBet: Exploring new horizons

1xBet: Exploring new horizons


1xBet been recognised as a ‘giant’ within the international sports betting industry. With a strategy built around powerful sponsorship partnerships and fan engagement, the company has enjoyed a high public profile, together with an impeccable reputation within the industry and with customers for both reliability and security.

So, looking beyond its traditional markets, we got together with 1xBet and asked them as a market leader, what we can expect to see from them in the near future…

Latin America & Asia

GGN: To what extent does 1xBet view the LatAm and Asian markets as exciting opportunities and within these regions, which countries are of particular interest to sports betting providers right now?

1xBet: Our brand is actively developing in many countries of Latin America. Over the past year, the company has become a partner of many tournaments and top clubs in Brazil, Chile and Peru, and held many campaigns dedicated to Copa Libertadores. Also, world-famous MMA fighter, José Aldo, became a brand ambassador.

In Asia, we are proud to collaborate with the Singaporean MMA organisation, ONE Championship, Myanmar fighter Dave Leduc and esports Dota 2 teams BOOM and Talon.

Expanding an impeccable reputation

GGN: We have seen a lot of activity from 1xBet in Latin America in terms of sports sponsorship, what similar plans might the company have in Asian territories? Obviously, as in Europe, football is a huge product but will this focus shift in Asia, with other sports and sponsorship opportunities coming to the fore?

1xBet: We do not plan to stop where we are, we want to expand our cooperations. In the case of Latin America, we have proven that our brand has an impeccable reputation in the industry, and customers consider it exceptionally reliable.

The sporting events market in Asia is quite large and diverse. Players bet not only on football but also on basketball, esports and online casinos. The 1xBet platform has it all, so we can reach the widest possible audience.

Sponsorships and affiliate programmes

GGN: 1xBet is clearly a company that considers sponsorship to be a key aspect of fan engagement. In the case of football, where club loyalties are almost ‘tribal’, this is an approach with great logic. How strongly do you see such a ‘connection’ being in other sports that are popular in these territories?

1xBet: You are correct, but sponsorship works well in other sports as well. Also, do not forget about our affiliate programme, its members attract a significant audience of sports and gambling fans. It should be noted that the subject matter of the partner media resource is not so important, after all, playing in a casino can interest visitors to any site.

Collaborations for years to come

GGN: Asia is a vast continent, with many nations. Considering what we accept as meaning by Asia, what is your view of the medium and longer-term prospects for 1xBet in places like Japan, India and China, for example?

1xBet: This is a collaboration for many years to come. The Asian market is huge, which means this is a great prospect for brand development in the countries you mentioned.

Links with supporters

GGN: In certain European markets, the link between football club sponsorship and the domestic betting markets of supporters is difficult appreciate. Does this situation differ in LatAm? Is it possible for sponsors such as 1xBet to actually leverage the fan bases of the clubs they sponsor, and welcome those fans as customers?

1xBet: When signing an agreement with a new league, club or athlete, we always draw prizes for fans because we understand the importance of supporters. Without a huge audience’s attention, modern sports would never have become the driving force that changes the world every day.

The potential in India

GGN: Finally, how would you view the situation in India, both now and going forwards? India is a huge potential market and the sport of cricket is virtually a religion there, with tens of millions of followers.

1xBet: Indeed, interest in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is skyrocketing, and players representing India at international level enjoy celebrity status. It is not surprising that many people from all over the world have got involved in this game, so the potential of this sport for our business is very high. The same can be said about India as a whole, they love sports and are ready to invest in its development.

So there you have it, a company that has been so closely associated with the very highest echelons of European sports betting and sponsorship for so long is demonstrating its passion for the growth and development of the industry in new and exciting territories.

Latin America, Africa and Asia are all viewed as lands of opportunity for the industry, and we can be sure that with their proactive strategies and commitment to smart partnerships and investments, 1xBet will continue to lead the sports betting industry from the front.