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Gil Soffer of Galaxsys, a man of many parts

Gil Soffer of Galaxsys, a man of many parts


The son of a former Israeli Ambassador to France, before entering the iGaming industry, Gil Soffer saw military service, graduated as a lawyer, completed an MBA in Paris and spent a decade building and then selling his own telecoms company.

Senior positions with Playtech, Pariplay, and Skywind followed and now, he is Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Galaxsys, a company founded in Armenia not much more than a year ago…

Galaxsys is a fast-growing studio, offering a range of fast and skill games,” explains Gil. “These include crash, Plinko, and others. Despite being new to the industry, Galaxsys has already left its mark by winning two prestigious awards: Fast Games Provider of the Year at the SiGMA Europe Awards and Game Innovation of the Year at the Starlet Awards.”

A company determined to revolutionise

Clearly an exciting environment for Gil to join, and with today’s tech-savvy players constantly searching for new and more thrilling experiences, he is excited by the company’s determination to revolutionise. “I believe our recent games, Cash Show, a fast game created in cooperation with Fashion TV Gaming Group, and Hexagon, a well-known board game that has never before been introduced to the industry, clearly prove this point.” 

A generation used to multitasking and speed

As the rapid evolution to which Gil Soffer refers continues to gather momentum, and he himself establishes himself within a ‘next-gen’ organisation, it is worth noting his thoughts on the changing world of payments.

“The new generation, which is used to multitasking and speed, is looking for fast games that Galaxsys is ideally positioned to offer, thanks to our experience curve and an amazing team of creative professionals. 

As for cryptocurrencies, I believe they are having a good effect on the industry, and we are seeing a boom in this sector. Not many service providers accept Crypto, but we do, and we see the benefits of this policy. We need to allow players to play with any currency, including virtual currencies, and this is certainly another trend for years to come.”

An interesting journey into the industry

As a trained lawyer and experienced prosecutor, we were keen to find out from Gil in what ways he feels that his original professional calling prepared him for life in the iGaming and wider gambling arena.

“I am not only a lawyer but also an MBA graduate from one of the elite Parisian universities. My father was a former Israeli Ambassador to France, and I decided to do my MBA in Paris to be with them following five years of service in the Israeli army.

“After I graduated with honours, I decided to realise my dream to create my own company.I have always had a passion for business and reached the gaming world after 10 years in telecoms with companies that I created and sold to a public company in 2007.”

Diversity of background means ‘fresh eyes’

It makes perfect sense to believe that diversity across a business career, in terms of sectors in which an individual is active, can help to provide a fresh perspective. And this is a view to which Gil Soffer most definitely subscribes.

“Yes, indeed, I have experience in management, and business development and have been in the high-tech industry for 25 years, 14 of these in gaming. I believe that I have unparalleled experience and insight and try to bring it to Galaxsys.

“As an entrepreneur, I try to see the next trends and fast games is one of them. Galaxsys is well-positioned to profit from it. We have a great team and work hard to achieve our goals. We are experiencing spectacular growth and believe 2023 will be a turning point. We are also well-funded and plan to develop 30 new games next year.”

The ambition is market leadership

This leads us very nicely into the question of what we might expect from Galaxys as we approach a new year. On this point, Gil Soffer is very clear. Galaxsys is a studio that is going places…

“We offer fast and skill games, several crash games, fast table games, keno and Asian games. They have great graphics and features and are focused on mobile. We see the trend of the market moving towards these kinds of games, and we had huge success in all the shows we participated in on all continents.

“We are seeing spectacular growth in our range of products and hope to reach new limits in 2023. We are now busy signing agreements with tier-1 aggregators, and operators and acquiring licenses in key jurisdictions. Our ambition is to be the leader of this segment in years to come.”

As the headline says, the man charged with leading the sales and business development efforts at Galaxsys, and turning the company’s objectives into realities, is a man of many parts. Having always taken an interest in both business and the law, an entrepreneurial career across regulated industries combines the two. We close with Gil’s personal thoughts on the wider world, and the year ahead.

“Our world is ever-changing. Trends come and go, and one has to know to surf on a wave at the right time without falling. I hope that by the end of next year, Galaxsys will be widely distributed in the main markets and reaching our main objectives. From my what I have seen, it looks very promising, and I hope that by this time next year, we are talking about the huge success of our games and maybe other new products!