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GR8 Tech: Unlocking iGaming potential

GR8 Tech: Unlocking iGaming potential


GR8 Tech provides technologies and services for iGaming operators worldwide. The company empowers entrepreneurs to launch iGaming businesses with tailored operational solutions or enables established brands to upgrade platform technologies.

Born out of what was previously Parimatch Tech, and under the leadership of CEO, Evgen Belousov, the GR8 Tech team comprises experienced professionals with a proven track record of over 15 successful start-up cases worldwide, and decades of B2C operational expertise.

GR8 Tech provides the foundation for exploring new growth opportunities in the iGaming industry using tried-and-tested technologies. Two types of technology, support and consultation packages are offered, the iGaming Launch and the iGaming Upgrade solutions. Both can ensure effective operations and growth of an iGaming business.

iGaming Launch solution

The GR8 Tech iGaming Launch solution is designed for those looking to start a new iGaming brand from scratch. All the necessary technologies and business operational support is provided, with various options for customisation. iGaming Launch is the ideal choice for existing operators exploring alternative opportunities, land-based operators seeking to add an online option and private industry investors.

iGaming Upgrade solution

The GR8 Tech iGaming Upgrade solution is intended for those who are experienced in the iGaming industry and want to enhance their existing technologies. And whilst the iGaming industry doesn’t lack for good tech solutions – and B2B companies that can provide them – ongoing and quality service support is more of a rarity. The Upgrade solution is a platform packed with customisable solutions that can be integrated into existing ecosystems, and all backed by a team committed to partnership.

Maximising the market potential

The world’s largest iGaming market is currently Europe. It accounts for almost half of the global market. The value of this comparatively young and yet rapidly evolving market is forecast to reach over €50bn by 2027, presenting numerous operating opportunities. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, digital currencies and artificial intelligence, are all on the industry’s agenda, and making the most of all of this excitement will require in-depth knowledge and experience.

Growth is a team game

GR8 Tech possesses the deepest understanding of both the B2C and B2B sectors of iGaming. With three decades of supporting clients’ operational growth, the passion for putting their countless individual and collective insights into profitable practice burns as fiercely as ever. Whether your organisation is and established operator seeking to expand, or an ambitious newcomer seeking to get started, teaming up with GR8 Tech will only make you stronger. And how often is it that any of us gets to meet an industry expert whose very reason for existence is to help others to get stronger and better?

Lifetime business partnership

GR8 Tech understands the importance of offering long-term solutions and relationships. Their own experiences have taught them the challenges that iGaming companies face along their journey. Be these operational, regulatory or whatever, GR8 Tech is a lifetime business partner, focused on enabling clients to unlock the full potential of their iGaming businesses.

Thinking about tomorrow

It may sound like a cliché, but clichés only become clichés by being true – and so understand this, today really is the best day to start thinking about the potential that tomorrow can offer. GR8 Tech can help you to make your mark in iGaming and are ready and waiting to discuss collaboration opportunities.

To find out more about the GR8 Tech proposition, watch the video here: GR8 Tech – YouTube