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Introducing: The Matchmaker

Introducing: The Matchmaker


New GGBET UK CEO Sergii Mishchenko sees GG.BET and the UK as a perfect marriage

Specialist esports betting company GG.BET recently announced the launch of operations in the UK, with Rednines Gaming acquiring the rights to use the GGBET brand in the territory, thereby further extending its global coverage.

GG.BET is known around the world for its wide range of esports and sports markets, as well as high levels of customer service, and already has a presence in mainland Europe, South America and Asia.

The move into one of the world’s most prestigious and highly competitive markets is big and it is bold, and the guy charged with leading the newly formed GGBET UK as CEO and delivering the proposition, is Sergii Mishchenko.

A highly experienced C-level executive, with a diverse tech career that crossed into iGaming a decade ago and evolved through Mr. Bet, Dr. Bet and ultimately the co-founding of CTV and mobile developer, Playcent Games, Sergii is excited by the challenge that lies ahead for GGBET UK.

GGN: The UK betting market features some of the world’s biggest operating companies. How will GGBET UK differentiate itself and win over British consumers?

SM: “The GG.BET brand has an active presence in a number of regions around the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and now, the UK. We have been able to accumulate a wealth of expertise in these various markets, as well as through our work with customers with a range of different preferences and behavioural patterns.”

Supporting the wider esports community

“We have become well-known thanks to the support we provide to the wider esports community, our collaborations with major Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments and our joint content-oriented projects with popular esports talent and personalities.

“GG.BET can proudly claim to offer some of the highest-quality service in the entire esports betting market. Our range of esports markets is one of the most extensive in the world, featuring more than 30 disciplines and over 400 markets on major tournaments available daily.

“We have built a user-friendly and engaging product and we are certain that every single betting fan will find something here that they love, and this is how GGBET UK is going to win the hearts and minds of the British audience!”

GGN: What do you consider to be the unique features of the UK betting market, and how do UK bettors differ from those in other regions and territories?

SM: “There is a reason British betting and gaming licenses are considered the most prestigious in the world. British bettors are highly discerning and not easy to impress. However, they can be won over by a commitment to top-notch service.

“UK bettors are also characterised by an attachment to tradition. The British love classic sports, such as horse racing, football, rugby, cricket and tennis. However, we are very clearly noticing a growing interest in esports and the development of the esports community.”

A bookmaker with an esports soul

“A number of major UK esports organisations have won prizes in international tournaments. For example, CS:GO fans are sure to be familiar with names like Fnatic and Into The Breach, who caused a stir at the Paris Major just a few months ago. Both of these teams have British roots and a considerable fanbase.

“There are plenty of other disciplines with representation in the UK, such as Call of Duty and League of Legends, which enjoy a large following here. This is why at GG.BET, we believe that the UK needs a bookmaker with an esports soul, and this is just what GGBET UK will provide.”

GGN: With each country having its own specific traits and trends when it comes to esports betting, what major differences do you see between different regions and how is esports betting developing in the world as a whole?

SM: “It is difficult to talk about esports betting without mentioning esports itself. The more exciting matches that are played in each discipline, the more markets, tournaments and thrills we can offer our users.

“90% of the current global esports market is taken up by four top disciplines: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Valorant. However, different interests between bettors in different countries need to be considered. For example, 33% of the global esports audience are League of Legends fans.

“When we look at individual countries, numbers and preferences can vary dramatically. As a case in point, for each single bet placed on League of Legends in the Philippines, 11 bets are placed on Dota 2, a very high number indeed. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the preference is for CS:GO, where betting is 6.5x more than on League of Legends.”

Growing audience, expanding market

“Fortunately, the overall global market continues to steadily grow. New disciplines are appearing together with major tournaments, as known and beloved games are updated with new features to maintain user interest.

“The recent Gamers8 2023 tournament, organised with support from the Saudi Esports Federation, offered a prize fund of $1,000,000. More and more people are discovering the thrills of esports, and according to studies by QYResearch, the esports audience will continue to see 18% annual growth for the next five years, with the esports betting market maintaining growth rates of 20-25%, depending on the region.

“However, there is no use in attracting an audience if you can’t keep its attention. This is why betting companies such as GG.BET are always developing what they offer, introducing multi-faceted bonus systems, coming up with tournaments held on their platforms and adding new ways to deposit and withdraw funds using the latest payment technologies.

“I would say that esports betting is now growing at a faster rate than betting on classic sports. At GG.BET, we are actively introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into our trading processes. This enables us to provide more balanced odds with low update times, thereby keeping our customers happy and protecting ourselves from financial losses.”

GGN: Regulation, across all forms of gambling, is always a front-and-centre issue. How strictly is the global esports betting market regulated?

SM: “Obviously, with the esports betting market growing rapidly, regulatory norms are struggling to keep pace and are currently relatively superficial in most countries. In the UK, considered to be one of the stricter jurisdictions when it comes to betting regulation, has had its Gambling Act in place since 2005.

“This piece of legislation regulates online gambling but doesn’t specifically address esports betting. The Government’s recently released White Paper, effectively a draft law on gambling, barely mentions esports betting, and there is still a way to go before it becomes actual law.”

Looking forward to positive change

“For this reason, bets on esports are currently subject to the country’s general betting standards. The situation is similar in many other countries. The US government has lifted its universal ban on gambling. It will now be left up to each state to decide whether it wants gambling to be legal or not.

“Esports, however, remain technically unregulated, which means that all we can do is wait until the time comes. In Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and China, all forms of gambling are strictly forbidden. However, Asia has produced some phenomenal esports players, and the continent has its own approach to esports contests. So, this is where we also hope to see change.”

As Sergii Meshchenko leads the company towards engagement with its widest possible audience, drawing new bettors to the esports proposition, will also feature traditional sports betting and casino gaming options. Given his early experiences building and managing dating sites, this seasoned matchmaker will be hoping that GG.BET and the UK proves to be a happy and long-lasting marriage!