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Kiron launches African expansion with UK Numbers

Kiron launches African expansion with UK Numbers


Kiron Interactive has launched UK Numbers, a new lotto draw television channel, designed specifically for African markets, bringing huge opportunities for both operators and players.

A bespoke, 24/7 world-class, fixed odds, lotto draw channel, UK Numbers features a mix of formats with two distinct products that are expected to make a significant market impact in Africa.

The 49’s live draw will be broadcast twice daily, presented by a team of energetic presenters. Globally popular for over 25 years, 49’s presents the chance to land big wins from small stakes with the pick of six balls from a 49-ball format.

Offering the perfect solution to the high demand for such content, 49’s is accompanied by the newer, higher frequency and high-margin 39’s product, which features a draw of fewer numbers every three minutes, all day and night, carefully designed to maximise betting opportunities.

There has been a surge in the popularity of low-stakes, high-turnover gaming in Africa, and UK Numbers is well-positioned to leverage this growing demand by offering a format that aligns with players’ preferences and actively caters to their needs.

Kiron Co-CEO, Steven Spartinos says:  “The launch of our new channel brings exciting news for lottery enthusiasts in Africa. It provides them with the perfect opportunity to win substantial prizes with minimal investments, catering to their preferences.

“With the 49’s draw taking place twice daily and the introduction of the brand new 39’s product occurring every three minutes, players now have an even wider range of options and greater chances of success across various market demographics.”