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N1 Partners Group unveils redesigned Joo Casino

N1 Partners Group unveils redesigned Joo Casino


Responding to the changing needs of an ever-fluid audience, N1 Partners Group has presented the updated Curacao-licensed Joo Casino project, complete with refreshed visual identity and user-friendly mobile version.

Just last summer, Joo Casino was given new welcome bonuses, exciting new tournaments, new super bonuses for high rollers, an improved mobile version and an updated website design.  Also, ‘Catfish’, a good luck talisman in many cultures, became part of the Joo Casino logo.

Following this redesign, the N1 Partners Group team conducted several studies into the interests and needs of the players across various regions, their levels of engagement and the duration of their gaming sessions. The resulting analytics made it possible to more accurately identify needs that are more specific, including regionally, and so improve the project accordingly.

These latest updates touch on the colour schemes of the casino website graphics, the adaptation of the visual amenities of the promotions and the appearance of new project characters corresponding to particular regions.

“The last update of Joo Casino was not so long ago. Nevertheless, we decided to improve the project cut further, conducting a study among the players and partners from different regions to ensure that we fully meet our audience needs. We were impressed by the test results, the conversion rate increased several times, and we hope that we managed to consider the audience’s interests, and the updated Joo Casino will attract even more fans,” notes Yaroslav Laptev, Chief Product Officer of N1 Partners Group.