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Parimatch Tech: from restructuring to one of Reuters’ 50 Leaders of Change

Parimatch Tech: from restructuring to one of Reuters’ 50 Leaders of Change


Parimatch Tech has been named one of Reuters’ 50 Leaders of Change. In a project that highlights global companies that are leading the way towards a ‘new tomorrow’ in a series of video documentaries, the company is an Editor’s Pick to showcase the innovation, technical focus and sustainability of the modern online entertainment industry.

This achievement is especially significant given the context in which Parimatch Tech has found itself over the past year. Following the invasion of Ukraine, the company, as well as other businesses operating or originating from Ukraine, faced unprecedented challenges. However, while maintaining its inherent flexibility and adaptability, Parimatch Tech took steps that allowed it to gain momentum despite the war and all its upheavals.

As soon as the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine began, the Supervisory Board of Parimatch Tech decided to withdraw the franchise from the aggressor country. This process concluded on March 26th, with the complete disconnection of the Parimatch platform from Russia. A few months later, in the summer, Parimatch Tech’s exit from Belarus also ended with the sale of the local business unit and the termination of all relations.

Refocusing strategic objectives

Parimatch Tech then accelerated the implementation of long-standing plans to move into the B2B sector, and during the year rolled out a set of products that it was ready to offer to operator customers. These included the iGaming platform (now one of the fastest-growing in Eastern Europe, handling millions of active players), the Parimatch Brand Franchise (granting access to the brand’s top-notch platform, reputable name and a formidable list of global partnerships) and BaaS – Business as a Service (combining all the advantages of the Parimatch Tech platform, industry expertise and management excellence).

Compliance with the highest industry standards was confirmed by GLI19 and GLI33 Certificates from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and the platform was twice shortlisted for prestigious industry awards: SBC Awards (Platform of the Year) and EGR Operator Awards (In-house Product).

Supporting Ukrainian resilience

All of 2022’s achievements would be impossible without people who, despite the war, demonstrated fantastic performance. Support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, including the company’s employees, became the cornerstone of Parimatch Tech’s efforts in the past year.

In May, the company opened a new office in Prague, Czech Republic, which not only contributed to expansion in Europe but also provided much-needed support for all displaced employees. The Prague office has since grown from only 10 people to over 65 employees.

At Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, Parimatch Tech brought Ukraine-focused discussions to the international stage. The resilience of Ukrainian businesses and their stories of ‘despite-the-war’ success became an inspiration and source of insight for over 70,000 Web Summit attendees.

Since the first days of the invasion, Parimatch Tech and its people have helped Ukraine in its struggle for freedom through donations, volunteering, coordination of corporate charity projects and the work of the Parimatch Foundation. Previously focused on educational and sports projects for children, the Foundation has added projects aimed at helping Ukrainian women and children survive the war, get to safety and take care of their physical and mental health. In 2022, over 600 civilians were evacuated from war-affected areas, more than 60 tons of humanitarian aid was provided and over €1m was directed to help victims of the war.

This sustainable approach, as well as a strong tech core and focus on performance success became key factors in Parimatch Tech’s becoming one of Reuters’ 50 Leaders of Change.

Evgen Belousov, Deputy CEO of Parimatch Tech, says: “We are on the verge of a very important change that will officially kickstart our B2B journey. The plans ahead of us are ambitious, yet we are up to the task because our core stays the same: the challenge is a part of our DNA. And with such drive, anything is possible! We will continue to grow and prevail, contributing to many victories of 2023.”