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Pascal Gaming enriches portfolio with Catch Me

Pascal Gaming enriches portfolio with Catch Me


Constantly pursuing the idea of making the player experience unique, Pascal Gaming’s new Catch Me release joins their bet-on game line, adding one more fun game to players’ favourite list.

The initial goal was to create a simple yet compelling game, with impeccable characters and a catchy interface that will boost players’ activity. Catch Me, with its three piggies and wolves presents a rich assortment of features, which include multi-betting possibility of up to three bets at a time, unlimited multipliers and provable fairness calculator. The game is available in various languages and is fully supported on both mobile and desktop devices.

The rules are simple: players place their bets and need to catch high coefficients until the piggies get caught by the wolves. Implementing the theme of the famous fairy tale, Pascal Gaming helps players go back in time and meet their favourite characters and experience unique emotions again.