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PIN-UP.TECH points the way

PIN-UP.TECH points the way


Dmytro Poltorak, VP Engineering at PIN-UP.TECH, explores the technological trends that may impact iGaming in 2024

With constant technological advancement and evolution meaning that the online entertainment landscape is forever undergoing significant diversification and enhancement that never stops getting faster, we knew that we needed some serious specialist input.

And so we asked Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering at PIN-UP.TECH, to guide the readers of Global Gambling News through the present and future trends in technology that he believes will shape the online gambling industry.

PIN-UP.TECH is part of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. It represents a customer-centric facet, placing utmost importance on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Specifically, PIN-UP.TECH develops software for the iGaming industry and specialises in technology solutions. The team is dedicated to achieving technical excellence in the implementation, delivery and service of their products, using modern technologies, approaches, processes and tools. At the same time, a concerted effort is made to strike an appropriate balance between the business and technological development of their products.

Within this dynamic landscape, PIN-UP.TECH actively leverages cutting-edge technologies to uphold the highest standards of gaming experience and security.

User experience

Technology is reshaping online entertainment with artificial intelligence and data analytics, adapting content in real time based on player preferences for a truly personalised experience.

This tailored approach enhances player satisfaction and gives them offers and content tailored to their individual needs. Beyond individual experiences, social technologies globally connect players, fostering interactions, shared experiences and new friendships. Strengthening the social aspect of entertainment enriches online experiences.

Interactive elements

The introduction of interactive web elements such as animations, videos and transitions, once again driven by technological advancement, has transformed user engagement and interaction. Moreover, the incorporation of gamification has infused an entertaining dimension into learning and work, enhancing both enjoyment and productivity.

Access via mobile devices

The trend of using mobile devices to access gaming platforms has gained prominence to the point where it is now the dominant means of access. Consequently, game providers are prioritising the development of mobile-focused applications and platforms to meet the demands of players. This addresses the expectations of modern gamers who seek the flexibility to access their favourite games anytime, anywhere.

Responsible gaming tools

The introduction and support of tools to ensure responsible gambling will remain a trend all through 2024. Limits on bets, the ability to independently set limits on the time spent in the game, timers on game pages – all these elements are necessary for the principles of responsible gambling to work in reality.

AI & machine learning

The ubiquitous technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning stand to benefit both operators and players, offering personalised experiences, effective business solutions and heightened platform security.

Generative AI is now revolutionising the speed, efficiency and uniformity of solutions and app development. While it has already contributed to creating dynamic and personalised experiences, its application extends to procedural generation techniques in the development phase.

These capabilities are expected to progress, minimising the reliance on extensive manual design, which can be costly, time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Over the last five years, traditional chatbots have been widespread. However, with the emergence of Generative AI and machine learning, operators are now automated, personalised and delivering 24/7 customer support. AI-powered chatbots can now communicate in natural language, comprehend player inquiries and provide personalised responses.

A further example of using effective and forward-looking machine learning in iGaming is the new anti-fraud product by PIN-UP.TECH, which detects different anomalies and fraud.

In a nutshell…

Technological advancement will continue toplay a crucial role in audience attraction and revenue generation for all online entertainment platforms, across all sectors.

Strategies such as subscriptions, micropayments and additional services enhance entertainment immersion. Leveraging data analytics enables personalised content and offers, fostering greater engagement and loyalty. The evolution of mobile app development, gamification, streaming platforms and communities introduces novel ways to interact with audiences and generate revenue.

This transformative effect of technology on business models is evident in all online entertainment companies, offering more services and improved user experiences.