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Playbase.GG offers easy esports entry

Playbase.GG offers easy esports entry


Unless you have spent the past decade stranded on a desert island, you will be aware of the rapid and continued growth of the esports sector. And like other technology driven markets, you may think that entry at any point in the supply chain requires specific skills, lots of time, a huge amount of money or a combination of the three. However, there may now be another way…

In response to demand for a simple, quick and cost-effective and solution to the demands of esports platform hosting. Playbase.GG provides an option that may tick all the right boxes. Developed by the established Serbian esports studio Ragebite, Playbase.GG offers customers a means to own and operate their own, completed esports platform. In short, Playbase.GG software allows brand owners to offer this amazing and expanding genre of entertainment to their own, existing retain their audiences.

Playbase.GG was officially launched to invited customers in early November and now it is available to all on a monthly subscription basis. It provides all the tools required to create teams, organise leagues, build a community and grow a brand on an entirely custom-designed domain. New tools and features are in development and those wishing to find out more can simply visit: