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SOFTSWISS helps grow operators’ potential with MetaMask

SOFTSWISS helps grow operators’ potential with MetaMask


The Online Casino Platform by SOFTSWISS, the modular casino management software used worldwide, has integrated MetaMask, a software cryptocurrency wallet, meaning that from now on, depositing money from a MetaMask wallet takes only three easy steps.

A streamlined depositing process is simpler and less effort and time-consuming for players. They no longer to go through multiple steps, including QR code scanning, switching between several screens and copying the information, to bet funds from their MetaMask wallets.

This new process allows them to select MetaMask on the Deposit page, enter the amount and confirm – all while maintaining full security.

With the new depositing option integrated, and players facing fewer obstacles on their gaming journey, operators may find bigger figures on their accounts.

This feature can drive vital KPIs upwards, as the more players deposit, the higher the total bet amount, GGR and, as a result, operator revenues will be.

“According to the SOFTSWISS State of Digital Coins, report, total cryptocurrency bets in 2022 reached €20.2bn, 24% of total bets. Cryptocurrencies continue to play a vital part for any modern brand looking to enhance the overall player experience. This is why we continue implementing crypto tools into our Online Casino Platform and other SOFTSWISS products,” says Darya Avtukhovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform.