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SOFTSWISS Managed Services launches Player Reactivation

SOFTSWISS Managed Services launches Player Reactivation


The SOFTSWISS Managed Services is expanding its structure with the launch of a new service, Player Reactivation, now available to all SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform clients.

The Player Reactivation team’s services are available in three languages, Russian, English and German. The new Managed Services department is responsible for dealing with players who, for one reason or another, display a decrease in gaming activity or lack of it. In this case the Player Reactivation team uses calls, SMS and messengers to re-engage players.

In addition, the Player Reactivation service helps players who may have technical issues with making a deposit. If more than two weeks pass since a user last played, the Player Reactivation team can also contact the account holder. The same applies to players who have made a large withdrawal. 

Player Reactivation is part of the SOFTSWISS Managed Services which also includes: First Line Support, handling player requests and responding to chat and email queries around the clock; Player Retention, an email marketing service to increase player loyalty and engagement; VIP Player Support, paying special attention to the biggest clients; and Anti-Fraud Support, providing dedicated verification and fraud prevention.

“We always strive for a better interaction with players, which allows our clients not to worry about emerging issues and to focus on the development of their business. This is why each SOFTSWISS Managed Services department is clearly aware of its responsibilities,” said Artyom Rudakov, Deputy Head of B2C at SOFTSWISS.  “This makes it possible to interact with the players as efficiently as possible and not to spread ourselves too thin in the process. As the number of clients and requests grew, we realised that having a separate team dedicated to player reactivation would help us concentrate on players the client had already acquired. We understand how important this part of the player pool is, so the focus of the Player Reactivation team is a targeted and personalised approach to each player.”