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SOFTSWISS publishes detailed user insights study

SOFTSWISS publishes detailed user insights study


In its first report of its kind, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook has published a detailed study of user behaviour in the first half of 2021. This report reflects aggregated anonymous results across all brands powered by the sportsbook platform.

In terms of devices favoured by players, by far the favoured device for fixed odds betting is desktops. This is despite the increased use of mobile phones in online gambling in recent years. However, these statistics change dramatically when it comes to the number of bets placed. In this case, users favour mobile devices, which lead with 77.16% compared to desktops (22.64%). This suggests that desktop users place larger bets, but less often. In turn, betting from mobile devices is more frequent, but smaller. Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, explains: “Our clients’ bigger players trust desktops more. One reason is the convenience of getting information, as well as the greater trust in this format when large sums are involved. The greater bet count made via mobile devices is due to the accelerating pace of life. We see this trend and understand that mobile devices are the future. So one of our main objectives for the years to come is to make sure that the share of bets placed across mobile exceeds 80% and that we aim for 100% overall.”

Looking at currency preferences, SOFTSWISS looked at gross gaming revenue (GGR), a major KPI across the gaming industry. Their research found that the US dollar is the players’ favoured currency, responsible for 61.5% of all sports betting GGR. Next is the Euro, with around half that share at 30.37%. The No.1 sport is football, the most popular of all sports also offers numerous betting opportunities. This is followed by tennis, an individual sport with many tournaments and a small off-season, and basketball, a fast game delivering numerous betting opportunities.

In terms of gender, the statistics are largely as expected, with 73% of all sports bets placed by men.

The full reports can be seen at the SOFTSWISS website and visuals and statistical charts can be found here: