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The new essential human organ

The new essential human organ


Can you name the organs of the human body? According to my research (Google), there are 24. These range from obvious big hitters like the heart and brain, to lesser-known essentials like the thymus. Well, for the purposes of this piece, let me tell you all, in the real world there is now a 25th, the smartphone.

And when it comes to gaming, the eye-wateringly rapid acceleration of smartphone usage means that in 2022, gamblers now have an unimaginable range of options to choose from, whether that be sports genres, odds, betting options or even just the number of bookmakers available. There is even a menu of options for the ways in which we choose to pay to play.

iGaming is already over 20 years old

It was the late 1990s, already over 20 years ago, when online gambling first became ‘a thing’, dominated by casino games and online poker. As more people started owning smartphones, operators developed applications to allow people to enjoy playing and gambling on their phones and tablets.

Mobile phones have transformed the way we all gamble, and convenience plays a greatest role. Mobile apps are now the dominant gambling medium because they make playing so convenient. And the volume of options available on an app are far greater than even a mobile optimised website.

In future, we can no doubt look forward to virtual and augmented reality mobile games, believed by many to be the next big step. Voice activated gaming apps are another favourite. The possibilities and opportunities are exciting (just don’t ever look at your own ‘Screen Time’, it’s scary).

Paying to play is heading the same way

In terms of paying for all this fun, once again everything seems to be heading in the one direction. After all, if you are playing with your device, why wouldn’t you reasonably expect to pay with your device?

The days of cash being King are long gone. In the UK, 98% of all adults now own a debit card and cash transactions now account for around 20% of the total. Numerous retail and leisure outlets are now cashless and over 70% of UK adults now regularly use contactless payments.

Digital payments are also the most popular and trusted payment methods in the online gambling industry. Not only are they secure, but they also provide a fast and convenient means of funding and withdrawing from player accounts. With players able to connect digital wallets to payment platforms like Google Pay, Apple Pay and others, they can make deposits and withdrawals from their chosen website accounts, using any mobile device to conduct these transactions.

The King is dead, long live digital and crypto

The world’s leading digital wallet is PayPal. The latest SSL encryption protocol secures all its transactions, and users have to enter a two-factor authentication to verify their identity before making any transactions. Others include Neteller, which serves as a link between a bank account and a preferred casino site. This option provides a safe and secure means of performing fast transactions. Neteller also provides high transaction limits, although fees are applicable whenever depositing or withdrawing.

Skrill is one of the most popular digital options, as it is available around the world and charges little to no transaction fees. It also features the latest SSL encryption protocol to ensure data privacy and security for its users. With Skrill, players can make unlimited secure deposits, and use different currencies seamlessly. Finally, both Visa and Mastercard are established and trusted, and offer debit and credit card options.

Cryptocurrencies are the latest form of digital payments in online casinos, known for optimum security and unsurpassed speed. Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be undone, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity. These transactions also attract little to no cost when it comes to transaction fees.

The future is in the palm of our hands

So there you have it, and I rest my case. The most beautiful and glorious environments in which to gamble are all live environments – the casino, the stadium or the track. But the new ‘engine-room’ of the global gambling industry, the place where the biggest of bucks are being won and lost, well that’s in the palm of our hands… literally.