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Time to turn on and tune in to TVBET…

Time to turn on and tune in to TVBET…


TVBET is positioned as an alternative to Live Dealer games, with multiple betting options. Peter Korpusenko, its founder and CEO, took time to explain this unique positioning to GGN.

They say that first impressions can be misleading. On the other hand, our first impressions tend to stick. At first glance, TVBET founder and CEO, Peter Korpusenko, might be about to step onto a catwalk, modelling the bespoke suits he clearly favours. On the other hand, his passing resemblance to UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, might suggest a less delicate meeting of minds is in store.

The reality is actually a mix of the two, as Korpusenko is clearly a man to be reckoned with, having created and rapidly built a company that is not only thriving today but is also looking towards tomorrow.

TVBET describes itself as a global live TV-games provider, offering some of the most exciting live betting products for sportsbooks and casinos in the form of software integration. It provides the iGaming market with efficient alternative betting solutions for sustainable growth. TVBET products are now enjoyed all over the world, with established and proven classics reinvented to provide the clients of partners with an immersive gaming experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Peter begins our chat by giving us a brief introduction to the company’s history.

From Warsaw to the World in just five years

“TVBET began its journey in Warsaw, Poland, five years ago, in 2017. A brand concept was created and the business of building studios and developing games began. This work took us two years, and we launched into the global gaming market with five games. Fortunately, we very quickly began to earn popularity and credibility amongst potential business partners.

“Today, just three years later, the TVBET product is represented across five continents, by more than 200 partners, and on over 500 websites sites and land-based points around the world. We now have 15 bright and dynamic live games in our portfolio, with further large-scale expansion plans in place for the near future. Despite the immense challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, we have never paused from our goals of actively developing our product and attracting the attention of an increasing number of partners.”

Standing out from the crowd

TVBET provides B2B solutions for its casino and bookmaking partners. The games are all live odds-based and broadcast from a single studio production facility in Warsaw. So, in an increasingly competitive arena, with everyone seeking their own magical ‘USP’, what makes TVBET games special?

“Our key concept is based on adapting everyone’s favourite games to the online era,” explains Peter. “Proven, celebrated and much-loved casino games like poker and blackjack, lottery classics like Keno and Wheel of Fortune, they have all been introduced into the world of live streaming. This is our main innovation.

“Our games offer highly original set designs and visuals, such as authentic American lottery machines and other iconic equipment. However, at their core, each TVBET game delivers a number of unique creative features that make us stand out from all of our competitors. Even though the gaming market is a highly innovative and fiercely competitive, TVBET will always bring fresh ideas to the global content offering. Just look at our product line, you will see that 50% of our designs are totally unique, setting us clearly apart within the TV gaming sector.”

Classics never go out of fashion

Despite this unwavering commitment to innovation and novelty, Peter Korpusenko is also a confirmed realist, fully understanding that in the world of gaming, the classics never go out of fashion.

“Of course, the favourite TVBET games are still Keno, Wheel of Fortune, Poker and the very fast and simple, head-to-head card game, War of Elements. Across almost all territories, these four games are our dominant performers. Long-term, interest in these four games will preserve because they possess the simple ingredients of familiarity and simplicity.

“In fact, we will soon be launching a second version of Keno, a further interpretation of this proven favourite, which we know will be popular and successful with both our partners and their players. My message is, stay in touch, this exciting development will be happening soon!”

Diversification and further excitement for partners

The question that every interviewer always tries to ask, and be the first to get the answer to, is what does the future hold? Obviously, we have to ask this of Peter and whilst we do so in hope rather than expectation, his very fair response does represent a suggestion of some excitement ahead.

“We are certainly planning to expand the number of directions and are actively working on these plans right now. Just as your question is an obvious one, so is my answer I cannot reveal details! But I can promise you one thing, we will definitely be adding some new verticals to our business, and these will definitely be warmly welcomed by existing and new partners alike!”

Benefitting from behavioural changes

On a more general note, Peter Korpusenko is now a successful and established C-Level executive within the wider gambling and iGaming industry. As such, his thoughts on the wider state of the industry, and the challenges it faces going forwards, are worthy of note.

“The gambling industry, like many others, is very dependent on external factors such as global crises and economic fluctuations. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our industry as a whole was badly shaken, as all scheduled events were cancelled due to quarantine restrictions. Many people within the industry lost their jobs due to the associated economic difficulties, many land-based casinos closed, companies shut down and consumers spent less of their disposable incomes on leisure due to uncertainty about their futures.

“However, despite all these difficulties, with players staying at home more, we saw considerable growth in the number of bets placed on our games. There was a new boom in the development of mobile gambling as players began to play even more from their smartphones.

“These are behavioural shifts that may well be permanent, with a full return to the old ways of gambling never to return. Nobody can truly know, and I cannot predict what else might happen in the future. At the moment, the gambling industry is again suffering to some extent due to global problems caused by, among other things, the war in Ukraine. This war is affecting not only Ukraine but the entire world, and our industry is no exception.”

The Bet on Good charitable foundation

In closing, it is very important to note, and further publicise the fact, that TVBET has established a charitable foundation, solely dedicated to supporting those who are suffering as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine. This is a passionate endeavour for Peter Korpusenko and his entire team

Bet on Good has been created to help the citizens of Ukraine. The objectives of the foundation are to help to resolve humanitarian issues, allocate funds for the rebuilding of destroyed cities and help solve the problems of lack of food and water. It is now a reality that in some Ukrainian cities, the lack of availability of drinking water is now at a critical level.

“Right now, the main goal of Bet on Good is to unite the efforts of the entire gambling industry around the world to form a single, large, powerful and unified force capable of promptly helping those who really need it. As we attract partners to the foundation, we will create a Fund Council, including representatives of partner companies. This Fund Council will focus on rapidly making the necessary decisions to direct funds between suffering areas. This message is an open invitation to join with us, this is an open and transparent initiative, and we welcome any and all suggestions and input. Let’s Bet on Good together!”