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Unique conditions for Cricket World Cup partners

Unique conditions for Cricket World Cup partners


Global bookmaker 1xBet is offering new partners a promotion with the most favourable terms. The Cricket World Cup is being held in India from October 5th to November 19th.

Cricket is almost inconceivably popular in India, and this World Cup tournament will be followed by hundreds of millions, with many fans betting on their favourites. This is a potential goldmine for 1xBet partners.

1xBet can offer an unprecedented USD RS 45% on default for two months from the date of account activation. Become a promotional participant all the way until November 19th.

Vast audience, growing economy, fast internet

India is now the most populated country in the world with 1.428bn people, almost 20% of the entire global population. And hundreds of millions of Indians love cricket.

It is a nation with a rapidly growing economy, especially noticeable in cities in the central and southern regions. Mumbai is India’s most populated city and the heart of the country’s financial and cultural system. The main offices of the largest banks and the legendary ‘Bollywood’ movie studios are located here.

India is one of the world’s pharmaceutical giants, develops biotechnology, exports cars and holds almost 20% of the world market for dyes.

Another key factor is the information technology sector. Most Indian IT companies operate in the states of Karnataka and Telangana, which are vying for status as India’s regional Silicon Valley. Competition always generates progress and, in this case, huge export revenues.

India’s fast internet is ideal for online bookmakers. The country has almost 700m internet users and nearly 500m social network users. And there are 1.1bn mobile connections, covering 77% of the population!

Average internet speed is high: 49.09 Mbit/s for a fixed Internet connection and 18.26 Mbit/s for mobile. Indian residents will have no problems accessing the 1xBet website or app.

Cricket, lovely cricket

Cricket was brought to India in the 18th century. Over time, the sport acquired national status, and India became one of the 12 full members of the International Cricket Council.

The status of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is essential for the prestige of cricket in the country: it ranks second in the Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world, with a valuation of $11bn. The IPL has surpassed the NBA, the NHL and the UEFA Champions League, and now only lies behind the NFL, at $18bn.

The success of the Indian national team in the international arena also contributes to the passion for the sport. Indians have won the Cricket World Cup twice, as well as the Men’s T20 World Cup. 2023 has already given India one major success, winning the Asian Cricket Cup for the eighth time.

This cricket-obsessed nation is waiting for its national team to win an ICC World Cup on home soil, and audience interest in the tournament could not be higher.

1xBet: an Indian market leader

Unlike many nations, India does not have Government regulation of online betting, so anyone is legally entitled to visit the website or app of their favourite bookmaker, register and place a bet. Along with the presence of a vast audience, this creates enormous opportunities for 1xBet partners.

Published data confirms the interest in betting, with experts estimating annual growth of the Indian betting market at 20%. Their forecasts say that this year, the total market value will top US$2.5 billion. The typical Indian sports bettor is a man aged between 25 and 45, an English speaker who lives in one of the major cities of New Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

1xBet is a leading bookmaker in India and offers various localised sports betting options, including cricket, football, kabaddi, field hockey, horse racing, tennis and more.

1xBet players from India can deposit and withdraw funds using more than 250 payment systems, including both international and local. And if a player has a question, 1xBet support will help him around the clock. The bookmaker cooperates with local celebrities, influencers and sports clubs, and it will not be difficult for partners to draw the attention of their audience to the company’s profitable offers.

1xBet partners are supported with a large portfolio of creative and locally facing marketing collateral, and there are no problems operating all current traffic sources in India, including search, social networks, contextual advertising, ASO, UAC and instant messaging.

Unique partner benefits and opportunities

1xBet partners will be able to withdraw the first money from their account just one week after the start of their cooperation. And another pleasant bonus will be an increase in the Sub-Affiliate Commission from 2% to 5% for the entire duration of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

The Cricket World Cup will reach the hearts of fans in every corner of India and excitement will be sky-high. 1xBet partners should take full advantage of these unique conditions and start earning extra money today!

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