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BETER: Hitting the road with a host of new ideas

BETER: Hitting the road with a host of new ideas


With the conference and exhibition season now back to near normality, Global Gambling News will endeavour to preview the very best of all that is new and exciting across the gaming, iGaming and sports betting industry. And when it comes to ‘new and exciting’ offerings, only a few companies can claim to be more ahead of the game than BETER, whose commitment to the new generation of players is unrivalled.

With prominent events such as G2E Asia and SBC Barcelona right around the corner, we asked CEO, Gal Ehrlich what makes BETER stand out from the crowd?”

“Since its inception in 2018, BETER has been providing the industry with fast, dynamic and round-the-clock available sports and esports content, designed to increase the number of bets per unit of time for operators. The first thing we are proud of is these high quality, time-tested table tennis and efootball tournaments.

Gal Ehrlich, CEO, BETER

“The second noteworthy fact is that BETER expanded its offering from sports betting to additional fast betting and gaming verticals, such as live casino, thus providing players with more opportunities. Our exciting, well-designed studios and games developed for the mobile generation have already attracted the attention of big names in the industry. And, of course, our coverage of global esports is one of the most comprehensive and highly competitive in the industry. Our products are designed with a new generation of players in mind.”

An impressive array of events

In terms of numbers, BETER streams more than 34,000 sports and esports events monthly, in disciplines such as efootball, ebasketball, CS:GO, table tennis and more. And, in addition, over 40,000 pre-match and 25,000 live betting events are offered in global esports each year.

As Ehrlich confirms, “With direct access to real-time gaming data from official esports data providers, we supply betting operators with premium esports products, bundled with the most accurate data and one of the highest odds uptimes in the industry at 95%.”

BETER also offers an iGaming vertical, with its own ‘turbo’ games and the hugely successful BETER Live live casino products, guaranteeing fast and seamless integration, full mobile optimisation, best-in-class dealers and high-margin side bet options. Live Casino studio’s technology ensures zero downtime alongside full-HD and 4K and lower bandwidth options to cater to differing market requirements.

Who is the ‘next-gen’ player?

The company’s target audience is described as ‘next-gen players’, so what specific characteristics do these players demonstrate?”

“From the very beginning, we have created and streamed fast sports and esports events for operators and their new generation audience. Fast betting tournaments are now among the most promising sports betting products, providing players with the latest variety of betting opportunities, explains Ehrlich.

“Interest in these events only grows and we are seeing a shift in bettors’ preferences, suggesting the appearance of a new generation of players who love fast, online content and want immediate results. They want to be entertained and engaged, interact with this content in real time and be immersed in the entire process.”

Introducing the new iFrame solution

The latest new launch from BETER is the bespoke plug-and-play iFrame turnkey solution, designed to drive engagement, enhance customer experience and, of course, boost revenues. Ehrlich explains what distinguishes this new solution:

“BETER iFrame is the reinvention of the esports betting experience. When it comes to the new generation of players, providers and operators should apply a different approach to engage and entertain. This is why BETER iFrame was designed with a new ‘Twitch-like’ user experience, focused on videos and a gaming-style betting experience which offers a wide range of events with their streams.

“It has a responsive and user-friendly UI/UX, a wide selection of global esports tournaments, the most accurate odds and numerous markets. We believe it is a winning combination that will attract a wider audience of esports fans.” From an operator perspective, BETER iFrame provides a full turnkey solution, with betting limits and risk management.”

Expectations ahead of G2E Asia

As we all know, industry events develop interpersonal communication and provide an opportunity to display products, discuss trends, share insights and drive sales. And Gal Ehrlich believes that there is no better way to build strong partnerships than to meet face-to-face.

“BETER is an actively growing company, and we are expanding our partnerships all over the world. G2E Asia is a must-attend marketplace for the Asian gaming and entertainment industry and a top-tier event for global players. This will be our debut in the region, and visitors to our stand will discover and discuss our comprehensive product portfolio and recent updates, and to enjoy the best offers. We also look forward to meeting our current partners and engaging in new collaborations.”

Keeping pace with constant change

On a wider industry note, we asked Ehrlich for his thoughts on current player trends, and what is particularly standing out, both in Asia and across other territories?

“Needless to say, esports is constantly increasing its army of fans in every part of the world. In Asia, it is continuously growing and the demand for immersive, engaging and fast-paced experiences is really snowballing here.

“Live casino is also developing rapidly, and the mission of our BETER Live vertical is to supply the most advanced selection of high-tech, entertainment-first live casino gaming experiences and surpass player expectations of our players.

“One of our strongest assets is an experienced team of industry veterans, video game experts, television show producers and large-scale promoters. They are constantly expanding our games collections – three exciting new games have been added to our live casino portfolio during the past couple of months) – and the release of a new flagship game is just around the corner.”

What to expect from BETER for the rest of 2022

The war in Ukraine, where a large part of the BETER team is based, transformed the company’s day-to-day operations and forced them to adapt very quickly. Within a short period of time, new sports and esports locations were opened in neighbouring European countries. BETER has expanded its table tennis sports community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Moldovan Table Tennis Federation, launched a new BETER iFrame, and added an in-play stats widget to its ESportsBattle efootball streams.

But, as Gal Ehrlich confirms, this year’s work will not end there: “We are already testing additional sports and esports disciplines that will be added to our 24/7 available tournaments of EsportsBattle and Setka Cup. We will continue to boost our content by adding new markets and developing even more engagement features to our streams. We constantly improve our product verticals to ensure our clients get the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable gaming solutions. This year, we are attending G2E Asia and SBC Summit Barcelona to display all pour latest developments.

“We work in a highly competitive space and very challenging times, but our team is confident that we know how to engage and entertain our clients’ customers. So, stay tuned for even more BETER news!

Watch the corporate video here: BETER offering for next-gen players – YouTube