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Bingo Billares quick to raise its bet on Zitro

Bingo Billares quick to raise its bet on Zitro


In record time, the brand-new Glare Family and its new games have arrived at Spain’s iconic Bingo Billares, only days after launching at the FIJMA exhibition in Madrid.

The famous bingo hall has raised its bet on Zitro Games by including 20 new Glare cabinets, taking its entertainment offer to a new level, with the 43 Zitro cabinets already operating in Bingo Billares joined by 14 new Altius Glare cabinets, with the new multi-game Wheel of Legends, three Fusion Glare cabinets with Far West and three new Allure Glare cabinets with Bashiba Egyptian.

As stated by Emilio Rodriguez Villar, CEO of the Bingo Billares Group, “With Zitro’s new products we offer customers games never seen before, with mechanics and mathematics adapted to each of them, in unique and exclusive cabinets. It is a true pleasure to see our bingo hall like this, not only because of the spectacular look of Zitro’s new cabinets, but also because of the joy that all these games convey”.

Zitro’s Commercial Director for Spain, Vicente Fernández, added: “This way, the bet promised by our founder Johnny Viveiros Ortiz to bring to the market of salons and bingo halls a great number of games completely different from all existing ones, becomes reality. We thank Bingo Billares for raising its bet on Zitro, with unwavering confidence in our products”.