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Interview: Innovation is in the FAZI DNA

Interview: Innovation is in the FAZI DNA


Bojan Mitic, CEO, FAZI Company

Back in 1991, the land-based casino industry began to experience an increasing need for greater automation and, as a result, innovative solutions began to emerge. In the Southern Serbian city of Nis, birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine and just 160km from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a forward-thinking group identified the need and founded the FAZI Company.

Despite an impressively youthful appearance, Bojan Mitic has been the company’s CEO for almost 19 years and so is perfectly placed to tell this fascinating and exciting story.

Trailblazers who set trends

“Right from the beginnings of its existence, the FAZI Company ethos has been about becoming trailblazers, who set the trends instead of following them,” Bojan explains.

“And that is exactly what has happened ever since. Right from day one of its existence, FAZI Company’s mission and vision have always been to offer first-class services in the gaming industry by taking full advantage of the most advanced hi-tech solutions.”

The company’s first real breakthrough was at the end of the 1990s, when its fully automated bingo system took the entertainment world by storm. The following decade was dedicated to creating highly successful automated roulette models.

Bojan continues, “A further milestone was the introduction of Triple Crown roulette, a groundbreaking technical and creative solution of electronic roulette with innovative cylinders. And in more recent years, with digital entertainment on the rise, a key part of our focus has naturally shifted towards developing an equally impressive online gaming portfolio.”

Localized solutions and transparent relationships

In terms of standing out from the crowd, and differentiation within the industry, today’s FAZI Company prides itself on having a portfolio that features more than 150 top-performing online games, with unique and user-friendly designs that have turned them into household names for passionate casino players across 50 countries around the world.

“The success of our global presence is based on a firm belief in localized solutions, enabling us to offer a tailor-made experience to each local audience,” says Bojan Mitic.

“Furthermore, our iGaming products meet all the legal criteria and are fully certified and licensed in accordance with the requirements of many jurisdictions. A vital part of our core mission has always been to establish an honest, transparent and fruitful relationship with each of our partners, a philosophy that has allowed us to build successful collaborations with more than 1,000 operators across the globe.

“And from the player’s perspective, in our land-based business we are working in the direction of an even better user experience with better designed user interface, better ergonomics and the integration of new innovative jackpot and bonusing systems.”

A never-stand-still mentality

In terms of the latest developments, there is what the CEO describes as a “never-stand-still mentality” within FAZI Company. “We are firmly convinced that with every product we release, we need to stay ahead of the game instead of swimming with the tide,” he explains.

“We have been working on new, state-of-the-art games for the land-based casino sector as well as for the online entertainment space. We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“In addition, we always strive to make collaborations with all our partners as smooth and seamless as it gets, and with this in mind, we recently launched our new website – – where we display all of our products, both land-based and iGaming, with a dedicated Client Area where partners enjoy lightning-quick access to all our game and marketing assets and materials, laying the foundations for the best possible cooperation.”

Making waves with Cash Master

“As for specific product releases, one new development that will make waves across the land-based casino world is our Cash Master slot machine, which we will officially launch at Stand No. S7-210 in the NOVOMATIC Group are at February’s ICE 2024 exhibition in London.

“What we are talking about here is a ‘next generation’ slot machine, offering a highlighted portfolio of the very best FAZI games to the players.

Cash Master is the perfect blend of state-of-the-art design features, with ideally angled screens and a cutting-edge LED lighting concept. Put all these ingredients together and you get a recipe for success.”

Looking ahead to the calendar’s biggest event

With ICE in London now just a couple of months away, Bojan Mitic and his team are naturally looking forward to presenting an exciting collection of solutions to the industry’s largest global audience.

“Apart from the innovative Cash Master slot machine, we also plan to introduce upgraded versions of our flagship Titan and Optimum roulettes to the global audience.

“Both models offer the option for customization and bespoke aesthetics, according to client requirements. And modular and scalable configurations, with a wide range of accessories for both models, ensure the highest levels of precision, stability and security.

“Our aim is to constantly deliver new dimensions of entertainment and I am happy that our team is, and has always been, up to the task, regardless of how difficult it may at first appear.”

As we all know, ICE is always marked in ‘red’ on everyone’s calendar and despite only lasting for three days, the preparations for it take many months. Its importance stems from the fact that it gathers the best, the gambling industry’s crème de la crème of our industry, and everyone wants to showcase their products, to see where they stand in terms of competitors and the market itself.

“And FAZI Company is no exception to this rule,” confirms Bojan. “We spend many months getting ready for this event. We want to exhibit the finest products we have, the ones we have invested in and worked on the most.

“These are our signature products, the proof that we are among those who lead the way in the industry rather than following in someone else’s path.”

Ahead of the game in every sense

The gaming market is extremely dynamic and fiercely competitive, and standing still means going backwards. So, despite enjoying a hugely successful 2023, spreading its foothold across the global market by strengthening its position in both the iGaming and land-based sectors, FAZI Company is not for resting.

As Bojan Mitic asserts, “You simply cannot afford to stand still and rest on your laurels, otherwise you can be overtaken by your competitors and once that happens, it is often impossible to catch up.

“This is why it is very important to always keep your finger on the pulse, it is the only way to know what people want, so that you can deliver it to them in the best and fastest way possible.

“With 2024 upon us, innovation remains within our DNA, and I expect FAZI Company to stay ahead of the game in every sense.”

On the FAZI Company LinkedIn page, there is a post showing a quote from the legendary Henry Ford… “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” It is evident that this is one of several priceless mantras which guide Bojan Mitic and his exceptional FAZI ‘family’.