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Nemesysco eyes opportunities for voice analytics in gaming

Nemesysco eyes opportunities for voice analytics in gaming


Technology is transforming every sector and gaming is no different. Traditional poker, blackjack and slot machines now use digital technologies to create new gaming channels and improve player experience.

Casino operators have always been on the forefront of applying technology innovations and according to Amir Liberman, CEO at Israel-based technology vendor Nemesysco, voice analytics is a new area that holds significant potential.

“Voice analytics is the scientific and technological process of extracting intelligence from a person’s voice,” Liberman explains. “It is a rapidly growing field and has many familiar applications, including many important ones for the gaming sector.”

Nemesysco claims that its technology can detect and measure emotions by analyzing the voice of a person, to establish both a character profile and their emotional state. Liberman says that this technology has many vertical applications, including many functions for casino operations.

Nemeysco’s technology is designed to capture the genuine emotional state of the speaker by measuring uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations. The technology is indifferent to language or the content of speech and can detect and measure a range of emotions, such as excitement, enthusiasm, aggression, stress and fatigue.

“These emotional reactions are sometimes concealed and are unnoticeable to the human ear,” continues Liberman. “Genuine emotion detection as a subset of voice analytics is highly relevant to casinos and gaming, especially considering the sensitive nature of their operations.”

Applications for casino operations and gaming

“We see several key areas where our solutions for detecting genuine emotions can be applied and make a significant contribution to the operations of a casino,” continues Liberman, “and the first of these applications is employee recruitment, which is important and even essential.”

In addition to standard background checks, the intentions and personalities of candidates must be vetted and assessed. This is especially important for floor positions, such as dealers, cashiers and security staff.

“The insights our recruitment solutions provide can speed the clearance processes and reduce the risks associated with hiring new employees,” says Liberman.

Another area that the Nemesysco technology can be used is in the operational control room to monitor the audio from a gaming table.

“The analysis we provide can identify any sudden changes to the emotional state of dealers that may in turn indicate a significant event at the table or gaming station,” explains Liberman. He also points out that a similar analysis can be provided on the voices of players, identifying situations that may require preventative measures and avoiding unwanted situations.

Nemesysco is currently working with several online gaming companies that are using its technology as a central part of their pre-employment checks.

“Finally, it is very important to mention that we would never let our technology to be used to give an unfair advantage to the house or specific players,” concludes Liberman.