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Product Spotlight at CasinoBeats 2024

Product Spotlight at CasinoBeats 2024


According to SBC’s Ellis Davis, technology, trends and innovation are words that resonate across every industry: “In a world flooded with products and a perpetually hungry audience demanding the latest, staying on trend is not just a choice but a necessity.”

So, what is currently trending, what technologies can we incorporate and how can we push the boundaries of innovation? The 2024 edition of CasinoBeats Summit will tackle these questions head-on, providing attendees with meaningful and actionable insights.

Tomorrow’s Jackpot: the Future Trends of Slot Design

In this first Panel, the featured experts will zero in on the pulse of slot design’s future trends, dissecting the role of specific technologies currently fuelling innovation.

Natalie Lees, Senior Conference Producer, says: “The constant production of numerous slots prompts a common concern within the industry, the quest to provide a distinctive gaming experience while maintaining a delicate equilibrium with player expectations.

“A notable trend gaining traction is the integration of AI in slot design, offering studios a potential means to stay abreast of the continuous demand for new slots and games.”

technology and player expectations are at the forefront of this ongoing exploration into the future of slot design.”

Navigating Niche: Mainstream Opinion on Alternative Games

Panel 2 will see expert speakers analysing the pivotal factors to why niche gaming formats are emerging as compelling alternatives to traditional slot games, whilst also exploring strategies for their growth.

Speaking at CasinoBeats Summit 2023, Vadim Potapenko, Head of Sales at Turbo Stars, said: “For us, it is about the trend. We see crypto games are appealing to the younger generation, younger people. We understand everyone is stuck with the slots, so we have decided to bring something more to the industry.” 

Jack Richards, Senior Conference Producer, says: “I think the pandemic opened people’s eyes to new ways of being entertained, and these niche games are an extension of that. They’ll never stray too far from the tried and tested format of slot games, using them as direct influence.

“If we are calling slots ‘bread and butter’ then think of niche games as truffle butter on sourdough – aware of their inspiration!”

Innovations from Tech to Revolutionise iGaming

In Panel 3, featured guest speakers will delve into the array of innovative technologies effectively employed in other industries and will evaluate their potential for seamless integration into our own addressing key questions such as how cutting-edge advancements in hardware and software might reshape the future landscape of iGaming?

Jack Richards says: “We see drawing on inspiration from the wider technology industry as one of the most important ways to drive change within a business. They embody innovation and their chief concern is problem-solving.

“Embracing the tech industry will foster progress within the audience’s own organisations, so we’ll aim to provide relevant takeaways from the content.”

Delving into the intricacies of emerging technologies and niche gaming formats and hypothesising the future trajectory of the industry, the CasinoBeats Summit 2024 agenda is ideal for those aiming to revolutionise and expand their online offerings.

The extensive pool of wisdom from over 150 experts promises attendees a diverse array of valuable insights.

If you are a game studio looking to showcase your titles and innovations to an audience of 4,500 senior decision-makers at CasinoBeats Summit 2024, reach out to the team at or establish yourself as a thought leader by scoring a speaker placement on the industry-leading conference agenda alongside others looking to leave their mark on the inner workings of the industry.