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Destination Amsterdam:  EGT Digital heads to iGB L!VE

Destination Amsterdam:  EGT Digital heads to iGB L!VE


And so, iGB L!VE is now upon us. A perfect opportunity to connect with over 6,000 of the industry’s leading operators, suppliers and affiliates, and move the iGaming sector to yet another new level.

The ‘City of Sin’ plays host to the most diverse collection of experts and organisations, all keen to explore strategies, practices and products that will help them to enter new markets and accelerate their competitive advantages.

EGT Digital is at the head of the pack when it comes to pushing boundaries, and Global Gambling News sat down with CEO, Alexander Botov, to discuss the company’s objectives as he and they prepared to set off for RAI Amsterdam, home of the most incredible events for the past 130 years.

Expectations and Innovations

Alexander opened up by outlining his expectations for the iGB L!VE event, and the innovations that EGT Digital will be presenting to this invaluable audience.

“We are ready to present a lot of new additions and functionalities across all of our X-Nave product line, and I am also very proud to say that EGT Digital’s sport and casino aggregator products recently had their first releases as standalone products that can now be integrated with third-party operator platforms.

“In addition, we have enhanced our sport product with various compelling new promotional mechanisms and bonus types, including new bonus mechanics, odds boosters, new early payout types and jackpots.

“We have also greatly improved our operational capabilities by offering enormous flexibility of the sportsbook content and risk management.

“Another product with great potential within the EGT Digital portfolio is the sport omnichannel solution for the retail sector. It offers a 360-degree solution, including both software and hardware aspects of the business.”

A company known for diversity

EGT Digital is, of course, known for the diversity of its product range. Part of Euro Games Technology (EGT) Group, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and founded in 2002, the Group is one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the global gambling industry, with 2,500+ employees and offices in 28 countries.

EGT products are installed in over 100 jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. The Group also includes a steel products manufacturing company, EGT Steel Production.

This diversity extends to EGT Digital, EGT’s subsidiary focused entirely on the iGaming industry. Its main product is the X-Nave platform, containing four products: a sports betting solution, offering a full range of promotional features; CRM engine, allowing full flexibility in terms of segmentation and setting parameters; a payment gateway, enabling users to make safe and easy payments; and iCasino aggregator, provided with more than 80 different integrations with popular providers of slots, live casino, live games, table games and lottery. And at iGB L!VE, there is more to come.

Expertise and experience

A software, IT and telecoms expert, Alexander Botov graduated in Computer Science from the Technical University of Sofia in 2004. A software engineer at his core, his early career saw him mastering his craft and rising through the ranks before establishing and building his own technical consultancy, which he headed for 10 years, before joining EGT Digital and becoming CEO in February 2020.

Alexander Botov’s background and expertise make him ideally placed to lead the EGT Digital’s innovation programmes, and the evolution of the X-Nave platform illustrates this perfectly.

“The X-Nave feature that has the most operator and player-friendly new elements is the CRM Engine,” he says. “We have launched our new player engagement suite, including campaign manager, gamification and loyalty and player journey modules.

“These features enable operators to provide players with promotions and bonuses tailored according to their preferences, thus enhancing even further their gaming experience.”

New concepts for iGB L!VE

Visitors to the EGT Digital stand at iGB L!VE will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with new bonus types, both upgraded versions of current bonuses, as well as all-new operational improvements and reporting systems.

Mr. Botov adds, “We are also about to launch our brand-new ‘casino recommendation’ module which has been built with the use of specific machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models.”

In terms of actual content, EGT Digital will also display its huge collection of online slot and instant games.

“Our absolute focus is to constantly enrich our portfolio with new and attractive titles, aiming always to satisfy the tastes and needs of every type of player.”

Embracing wider industry trends

Moving on from iGB L!VE, as the CEO of a true leader within the industry, we wanted to understand Alexander Botov’s perspective on the wider trends, beginning with the direction of travel for product development.

“The adoption of artificial Intelligence and machine learning is definitely the No.1 trend right now, across the entire tech industry, and the iGaming sector is no exception to this.

“I am confident that this will continue to be a real game-changer and we will see a great invasion of new AI powered functionalities in the near future.”

In terms of market development, in terms of territories as opposed to verticals, EGT Digital is also very strongly placed due to its position as part of a wider gaming technology group.

“At present, we are mainly focused on markets where the Euro Games Technology (EGT) Group already has a strong presence.

“EGT Digital is currently represented in over 40 countries around the world, and many of these are in Europe, where the player base is familiar with our games due to our wider strength within the land-based casino sector, where EGT always demonstrates excellent performance.”

“For the same reasons Latin America is a region of great interest to us, and we are also looking to enter selected markets in Africa and Asia. The wider EGT Group is active in 100+ jurisdictions throughout the world, and the opportunity to leverage such a clear advantage is an obvious way forward for EGT Digital.”

And so, what’s next?

Finally, everybody loves Amsterdam, and iGB L!VE is acknowledged to be an essential event in the calendar, so what’s next for the remainder of 2023?

“EGT Digital will participate in several more important exhibitions between now and the end of this year. Our next stop will be SiGMA Asia, in Manila, Philippines (July 19th to 22nd). That show opens five days after iGB L!VE closes, and is 10,000km away on the other side of the world, so this is a busy but fantastically exciting for our entire EGT Digital team!”